Who We Are


About Bay Area Bikemobile

The Bay Area BikeMobile hosts bicycle repair clinics at schools, libraries, recreation centers, and community events across the San Francisco Bay Area. At these events, we engage participants in a hands-on repair process so that they may be more confident making future repairs on their own. Additionally, we promote safe riding, teach beginners how to ride without training wheels, and give away refurbished bicycles.

By partnering with Spare the Air Youth and  Safe Routes to Schools we are able to offer this as a free resource to the public, focusing on low-income communities that often do not have access to professional bike repair. The Bay Area BikeMobile helps keep youth rolling to school safely while reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Parent: Local Motion

LM logoLocal Motion runs the Bay Area Bike Mobile program. Local Motion’s mission is to create healthier communities by improving the way we move. We do this by teaching people to safely and effectively walk, bike, and take public transit.

Our Partner: Spare The Air Youth Program

The Bay Area BikeMobile is funded by Spare the Air Youth, a part of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)’s Climate Initiatives Program, completed in partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Spare the Air Youth seeks to educate, inspire, and empower Bay Area youth and their families to change transportation habits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled, while also providing a regional resource for students, parents, teachers and program providers. We are also funded by the Solano Transportation Authority.

The Crew

Tommy Bensko
Tommy BenskoFounder
When everyone else in college was writing papers and studying cells in microscopes, Tommy was busy in the bike shop, building up a bike big enough to fit him, and running the schools’ bike lending library. He may have got b’s, but b is for bicycle. He’s been involved with bike-education and repair ever since, and has been in co-operation with Safe Routes To Schools for 7 years now. He is the founder of the Bay Area BikeMobile program and its’ parent entity, Local Motion.
Steven Morris
Steven MorrisLead Mechanic
Steven’s first words were “bike tires”. His parents insist his first words were “I’m tired”, but we know better. Steven grew up haunting the bike shops in his local area, and driving the shop lackeys to the brink of madness with his endless questioning. He partly considers his work with the BikeMobile penance for the anguish he caused other mechanics as a boy. When he’s not fixing things, Steven is prospecting around the bay area, looking for society’s lost treasures in the cold hard earth. Fun fact: Steven once fashioned a whole bike out of the parts he found prospecting.
Andria Lessler
Andria LesslerMechanic
Andria has spent over 10,000 hours in the saddle. For the first 16 years it was a horse saddle but these days it is on a steel horse she rides. Andria has been a caretaker of bicycles from California to North Carolina. She wrangled her bike across the U.S.A. and towed her surfboard behind her bike down the coast of CA. But no matter how much she tells her bike she loves it, it will not nuzzle her with a velvety nose.
David Boone
David BooneMechanic
Dave hails from The Mitten State, or “The Great Mitten State”, as Michiganers like to call it. He started out fixing cars, but was lured away from that by the elegance and simplicity of the modern bicycle. Also, he was tired of blowing up engines. The Team found him lost in the bicycle wilderness and gave him direction, hope, and a new nickname, “The Clamp”, though his wife still calls him Dave.