Bring us your tired, your rusty, your broken bicycles.

Once a bike gets a flat tire, it may go unridden for months or years. That’s where we come in. Our free, mobile, hands-on repair clinics get people back on their bikes and helps them become more confident and empowered riders. This is a Spare the Air Youth program that focuses on serving low income communities where barriers to biking are prevalent. Sign up for a visit to find out more!

Bikes Fixed:

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FCH Launches New Bicycle Facilities and Programs for San Jose Community!

By Kent Yang, Sustainable Design Coordinator/ Public Allies Member and Hilary Noll, Design Director

The upcoming holiday season opened up with a great surprise for residents at Fourth Street Apartments on Saturday November 12th. First Community Housing celebrated the building’s first “fixit” bicycle repair station in a grand opening event that included an educational bicycle workshop hosted by Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. Additionally, free bicycle repair services were offered from the Bay Area Bike Mobile. A green van parked out front on the street offered residents and the public a chance to access the skills of mechanics ready to get dirty and give a helping hand.

Residents of Fourth Street attended an educational workshop that introduced bicycle safety, maintenance, and how best to utilize bicycling as a sustainable alternative transport. All this learning did come with more than just knowledge for residents, as prizes and a group bike ride kicked off the agenda. Residents that registered and participated in the event had the chance of winning a refurbished bicycle and other prizes that included limited edition Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition bike helmets or fancy sport water bottles. The group bike ride showed what they learned in a 3 mile-ride that trekked up to the entry way of the Guadalupe trail and back. This is a key route, as the Guadalupe trail system connects riders to an expansive bicycling network throughout the South Bay. With a sense of freedom and accomplishment on their bike ride home, the residents were greeted by the mechanics of the Bay Area Bike Mobile, whom were actively repairing bicycles for the pubic (having already repaired more than twenty bikes by noon), elated by the conversations of new bicyclists surrounding them and the inquiries on how best to maintain their bicycles.

The conclusion of the event sparked a new sense of personal attainment for the residents. In addition to the fixit station reveal and demonstration of its benefits (like tools and welcoming space for repairs), the residents now have a better appreciation of biking safe, biking for daily uses, and an understanding of the resources to maintain it sustainably.

This event marks the initiation of First Community Housing’s new bicycle facilities and programs, our latest pioneering effort to incorporate sustainable, healthy living in the low-income communities we serve. Our mission for this effort is that all residents of FCH communities are capable, confident, and comfortable utilizing bicycling as an alternative transportation as well as a recreational activity in their daily lives, attained by the physical infrastructure at each property, knowledge and skillsets of bicycle safety, repair, and routes available to them. Our goals include:

1. Biking Culture: FCH residents choose bicycling as a sustainable means of alternate transportation and recreation on a regular basis.
2. Biking Convenience: FCH’s 20 properties would have installed state-of-the-art bicycle facilities both for visitors and residents. Fixit stations or bike maintenance stations will also be available by need. FCH properties will have educational materials on bike safety, repairs, and map routes available to them through their property management.
3. Biking Care: Members of the community will learn the benefits of alternative transportation and biking from the availability of classes and events on bicycle safety, repairs, and routes. This leads to greater self-sufficiency and affordability of their transportation modes
4. Biking Community: FCH and FCH residents would be connected with local community bicycling advocacy organizations to attain bicycle equipment, further bicycle resources and expertise, and programs.
5. Biking Communication: FCH residents and FCH management could identify resident’s biking interests and needs, and would collaborate together to promote ideas and action. In turn, FCH will soon offer links to online resources for residents and community members. Finally, FCH collaborates with transit agencies, advocating for active transit improvements in the communities we serve.

We are pleased to be working with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Bay Area Bike Mobile, San José Bike Clinic and City of San Jose - City Gov't Department of Transportation in various capacities, and look forward to expanding the program across our portfolio of 20 affordable housing properties in 2017. Thanks to Public Allies Silicon Valley & San Francisco support through Kent Yang.
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Thanks to Mt. George International and Napa County Safe Routes to School for having us out yesterday. It was a blast working with you and your fantastic school community! ... See MoreSee Less


I hope my school districts can continue to work with the BikeMobile for future events.
Niko, Safe Routes Coordinator
We went from nobody riding bikes to school to 4 riders. If it wasn’t for the BikeMobile, a lot of these bikes would have never been fixed.
Kathryn Velazquez, Principal
It was wonderful to see the Bayview community come together and to see all the kids zooming around on their bikes. Your team exudes positivity, and exemplifies speedy repair skills.
Deborah, Richmond Public Library
That one boy whose bike was really problematic rode away so happy. I heard him say, “This is great. I’m gonna ride my bike everyday to school now.”
Connie, Parent Volunteer
The number of students riding their bikes in the neighborhood has definitely increased since the BikeMobile visit.
Jane S, PTA