Bring us your tired, your rusty, your broken bicycles.

Once a bike gets a flat tire, it may go unridden for months or years. That’s where we come in. Our free, mobile, hands-on repair clinics get people back on their bikes and helps them become more confident and empowered riders. This is a Spare the Air Youth program that focuses on serving low income communities where barriers to biking are prevalent. Sign up for a visit to find out more!

Bikes Fixed:

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Thanks SO much for fixing my bikes today at the free Livermore Library event today! Everyone was so nice and I learned also too. I really appreciate your help and think it's really great what you did for our community. ... See MoreSee Less

Fantastic!! ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you once again from Meadow Elementary! You made a couple teachers happy, got some families back on the road, and BONUS POINTS for taking the time to educate the kids who were interested, showing them how to maintain their bikes and do a little wrench-turning of their own! You guys are TERRIFIC and we are SO GRATEFUL! ... See MoreSee Less

We've all been there, right? ... See MoreSee Less


Thank you for fixing both my bikes yesterday at the San Jose library, west valley branch! This will provide the right push to get out there and start biking again.

You are providing an amazing service to the community with a friendly and professional attitude. Keep up the good work!

Nitin Juthani
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I hope my school districts can continue to work with the BikeMobile for future events.
Niko, Safe Routes Coordinator
We went from nobody riding bikes to school to 4 riders. If it wasn’t for the BikeMobile, a lot of these bikes would have never been fixed.
Kathryn Velazquez, Principal
It was wonderful to see the Bayview community come together and to see all the kids zooming around on their bikes. Your team exudes positivity, and exemplifies speedy repair skills.
Deborah, Richmond Public Library
That one boy whose bike was really problematic rode away so happy. I heard him say, “This is great. I’m gonna ride my bike everyday to school now.”
Connie, Parent Volunteer
The number of students riding their bikes in the neighborhood has definitely increased since the BikeMobile visit.
Jane S, PTA